“Education is Power” initiative

In 2013, Ellatzite-Med AD и Geotechmin OOD launched the initiative “Education is Power” with the benevolent intent to support students from socially disadvantaged or low-income families who have achieved excellent GPA results at school.
The two companies donated vouchers for textbooks and books to these students, whose number was determined according to criteria clearly defined by the donors. The required data were collected from the local municipalities and regional directorates for social support.
Within “Education is Power” initiative, nearly 350 students received vouchers for purchasing textbooks and books for the year 2013. These students come from thirteen municipalities where companies from GEOTECHMIN GROUP operate – Etropole, Pirdop, Mirkovo, Chavdar, Chelopech, Zlatitsa, Anton, Elin Pelin, Godech, Koprivshtitsa, Lom, Berkovitsa and Belogradchik.


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